How Sump Pump Works

An issue that many customers of ours run into is understanding what a sump pump is and how it works. At Leslieville Plumbing, we help customers with plumbing, and often we fix sump pumps for them. Therefore, we know about what sump pumps are.  

It is what the name describes. It is a pump placed in a basement or crawlspace in your basement. The purpose behind it is to prevent a flood occurring in your basement, and keep it dry and devoid of water. They are placed in a sump pit and due to inclination, water flows into the pit through drains, and through soil. Following that, the pump forces water out of the pit and away from the basement. Yet, there are more to sump pumps than that.

How Sump Pumps Work

Prior to installation, a hole is needed to be cut into the basement floor, which will be the place the sump pump is placed into. The dimensions of the pit is about 30 inches in depth and 18-24 inches wide. Afterwards, a pump is fitted across the sump pit which directs water away from the pit. An additional check valve is installed to prevent back flow to prevent from flowing back and consequently damaging the house.

The type of pump that is commonly used is an electric pump, and is powered through the current running through your house. In regards to different pumps, the first one of two is a submersible pump, is placed inside the tank. The second one is placed outside, on top of the tank using a column. If water is being pumped, it utilizes a f

an like device or impeller that is activated. 

During weather such as floods, rainfall, or water from melting snow, it will flow into the pit. Once the water reaches the certain level, the pump floats up and activates the pump. To conclude, that is essentially how a sump pump works. If you have more questions about sump pump, or would like to consider installing a sump pump. Do not hesitate to contact us!