Our Drainage Services

When your drains are beginning to clog, call an expert plumber to properly repair or replace your drains. Some of the services we do with drain problems include:

  • Drainage System – Our competent plumbers remove dirt and debris from drains to ensure good fluid flow
  • New Water Service – Our expert plumbers can upgrade your water system. You can count on Leslieville Plumbing to get the latest plumbing technology suited to your needs
  • Maintain your home – We can solve your drainage problems without unnecessary excavations. Trust that your drainage problem will be rectified while you relax that your house remains intact
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Drains – At Leslieville Plumbing, we pride ourselves in our ability to help homeowners in maintaining their homes starting with the drainage system. We can help you prevent a clogged drain from ballooning into a bigger problem.

Call Leslieville Plumbers at 647-951-2898 for any Drainage needs!