Signs of When to Call a Plumber

Plumbers may be expensive to hire, but they are a service that is often required and beneficial to you and your home. Most homeowners we meet worry about the price and think they can handle the issue. Hence, it is important to know when it is the right moment to call a plumber. And here at Leslieville Plumbing, through the countless experience, we have to serve our clients. Sure, you can try it yourself, but you risk costing yourself thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, we have some knowledge about signs you should be looking out for.

Low Water Pressure

If you come across the issue where water isn’t flowing out of your shower, or the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom sink are taking a long time. This can be caused by clogs, leaks and incorrectly sized pipes. Regardless, attempting to DIY a low-pressure problem can damage your home and sewer lines, as well as result in a continued low flow. Therefore, attempting a DIY solution by yourself can damage your home and sewer lines. Do yourself a favour, call your plumber!

Frozen Pipes

Having frozen pipes isn’t uncommon in the city of Leslieville. We get several clients calling in about having frozen and pipes and being unable to do anything about them. Spotting them is easy. Some signs you can spot are visible frost on pipes, odd clanking noises or smells when the tap is on. The most obvious sign can be the complete stoppage of water from your faucets.

Terrible Sulfur or Sewage Odor

Say you smell an odor of rotten eggs or sulfur. This is an indication of broken pipes or vents in your house. You might believe it is best to leave it unchecked and it will go away. However, do know that it can cause environmental issues and can damage the foundation of your house. Therefore, do everyone a favour and call a plumber, unless you are certain you can fix the issue yourself.

Lack of Hot Water

The most obvious reason why there is a lack of hot water is that the water heater has broken down. The cause of its breakdown can from multiple reasons, ranging from total breakdown to defects in minor components. There is the possibility that you might be able to fix it, but you might injure yourself. Hiring a plumber or a technician to handle the job. Besides, since water heaters operate using electrical and gas systems, one mistake is dangerous not just to you, but your house.

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